Chamtek Manufacturing supports an established system for the assurance of quality manufacturing. Our personnel are equipped with the finest machinery available.


At Chamtek Manufacturing, the pride we take in doing our job can be sensed immediately. It is the motivating factor that drives this team to go the extra step (or, if need be, the extra mile) to satisfy a client.

We utilize a balanced mix of conventional methods and high-tech measuring systems for inspection throughout the manufacturing process; this configuration helps ensure our reputation as a producer of high-quality assemblies, stampings, and fabrications, and includes such practices as receiving inspections, in-process inspections, SPC, final inspections, and adherence to vendor certifications. The standard by which products are built at Chamtek calls for ZERO defects, based on a modified MIL-STD-105D sampling plan. Facilities list are available upon request.


In essence, we are a customer-driven, precision manufacturing organization. We know that our future rests on our ability to do the job faster and better than the competition. Thus, a spirit of professionalism goes out with every order.

Our engineering philosophy is based on an unwavering commitment to provide superior quality products and service; it all starts with an experienced project management team and a dedication to complete project involvement. Using CAD/CAM and Data Exchange systems in unison with CNC manufacturing equipment allows us to create products without paper drawings, and notably shorter lead times. Early involvement enables us to offer design improvements and manufacturing alternatives, thereby providing high-quality products at a competitive costs.

At Chamtek Manufacturing. we bring it all together, from design, to prototype, to product at marketplace.

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